Sahayi Staff Profile

Profile of proposed team for Field Verification in connection with selection of Panchayats for award under PEAIS

Sl.No Name Present Position Qualification Experience
58 yearS
Director 1.Masters Degree in Economics
2.Post Masters Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education
3.Attended several international courses like A three phase International training on Appreciative Inquiry (May 1999 – January 2000) conducted by the Weather Head School of management, The Casé Western Reserve University, Washington, USA, Participatory Research Methodology, Participatory Rural Appraisal, etc.
  • 16 years experience in promoting, facilitating, strengthening the Local Self Governments in Kerala by offering a variety of support services including perspective building orientations, capacity building training for Elected representatives, Officials and  CSO leaders, conducting field level verification studies, using the study findings for policy advocacy, sharing experiences at national and regional level etc.
  • Conducted several field verification studies like Participatory Final Evaluation study of PVOH II undertaken by two organisations in Tamilnadu (Supported by World Vision) Loan Scheme of Rashtriya Mahilaghosh (supported by Government of India), PTF-PAC project assessment of 4 organisations in Karnataka and Kerala (Supported by an International agency), Monitoring and Evaluation of CAPART funded projects in Kerala.



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